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Deploying Your Own Enterprise Cloud Native Platform

Learning Cloud Native Architecture in 2 Minutes

The keys of Cloud Native as below :

  1. Service Orchestration & Management
  2. Traffic Orchestration
  3. Observability & DevOps
  4. Key Middleware Operation
  5. Resource Scheduling

MegaEase Cloud Native Product Lists

Microservice Framework, Traffic Orchestration, Service Governance, Full Stack Service Orchestration and Monitor,Service Mesh, Key Middleware Operations ... etc.

EaseMesh & EaseService

Java Application-based Service Mesh

Fully compatible with Spring Cloud and architecture. Non-intrusive way (EaseMesh) and light intrusive SDK(EaseService), very easy to applied. Full service governance, resiliency & fault tolerant design, full observability inside/outside application and No performance impacts.

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Traffic Orchestration Service

High Performance/High Concurrency Gateway. Rich traffic build-in filters and pipeline, API orchestration and aggression, Service Mesh/FaaS/Workflow Integration.

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Service Performance Monitor

Focus on Emergency & Health Care. Fully understand the relationship of API <-> Service <-> Middleware <-> Resource, effectively preventing & addressing the problem.

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Service Performance Test

The whole site performance test system, rich traffic model. working with EaseMonitor, it's easy to find out the system bottleneck, working with EaseMesh, we can do this on production.

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Full Services Formation

Stack formation, stack version-set management, life-cycle management, stack scaling and failure recovery.

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Middleware Platform

Deploying & Operating the populate middleware, such as MySQL, Redis, Kafka, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes, etc.

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Our Core Values

Open Source

Freedom & No Vender-Lockin
Transparency & Reliability
Community Benefits

Best Practice

High Performance & Availability
Well Architecture Design
Best Engineering Practice

Low Cost

Low Application & Deployment Cost
Low Operation & Management Cost
Low Customization Cost

Smooth Migration

Non-Intrusive Technology
One-Click Deployment
Low-Cost Migration


The Double 11 Event or Black Friday can bring a huge high traffic load for a site, and it needs the adjustment of architecture and capacity, this is really hard for engineering team especially for the unpredictable traffic. It is very easy to deal with this hard situation.

Canary release is a technique to reduce the risk of introducing a new software version in production by slowly rolling out the change to a small subset of users before rolling it out to the entire infrastructure and making it available to everybody.


Customer Empowerment


High Traffic Load Business Activity

In some events, likes Double 11 or Black Friday, which would encounter high traffic load, to supporting this, we need traffic orchestration, auto-scaling system and distributed system.

Fast Development and Delivery

To face the fast market, we need delivery our software in very fast way, so we need not only just a CI/CD pipeline, but also a microservice architecture to move fast, and a canary development system to mitigate the risk.

Freedom No Vender Lock-in

The technology is a core capability in future, if we need delivery our software fast, we have to control the software source in our own hand, and no vender lock-in. then, we can have effective engineering abilities.

Robustness & High Availability

With Cloud Native technology, we can make our whole system architect more robustness and the system can run normally even we have some system fault, and it could recovery automatically.

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