Easegress star

All-rounder Traffic Orchestration System

The Easegres (formally known as Ease Gateway) helps to enlarge the availability and stability, also can improve the performance without changing a line of code. It also can smoothly support the rapid business growth without re-arch the whole system.

  • API Gateway & Service Mesh

    Easegress can be a typical seven-level API Gateway, it also can be a side-car to be a Service Mesh, and Easegress can perfectly work with other software to ship the powerful features, such as: Kubernetes Ingress, Knaitve FaaS, and Eureka/Consul/Etcd/Nacos and so on.

  • Traffic & API Orchestration

    The Easegress can management the traffic and APIs, not only can do load balancing, canary development but also can aggregate and pipeline a number of APIs.

  • Performance Improvement

    This function automatically helps the website optimize the performance, such as: adding the cache, merging the requests, and reducing the network bandwidth.

  • Critical Service Protection

    Sometimes, a site could have unexpected higher traffic, the Ease Gateway could help to protect the critical service for critical customers, it would automatically sacrifice the unimportant services to release the resources utilization, instead of the whole site down!

  • Plugins Filters Orchestration

    The Easegress is a kind of development platform/framework, it supports customized plugins which you can develop any functions you want. and the Ease Gateway support dynamically orchestrate those plugins into a processing pipeline.

Easegress Features