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Services Health & SLA

Ease Monitor is a kind of APM (Application Performance Management), it monitors the whole stack services performance and health, which includes three tiers metrics: service, middlewares, and infrastructure. it's provides the following key features:

  • Service Health

    The keys of service health is response time and successful rate with an certain throughput. The Ease Monitor exposes the visibility of the service health in runtime.

  • Analyzing the Bottleneck

    By providing a number of Top N slowest or hottest services list, it's easy to find which service has the bottleneck and capacity issues.

  • Tracing the Transaction

    The Ease Monitor can trace each transaction from end to end, from the user's smart phone to the backend database. It can be easy to tracing every transaction in a distributed system, and gather timing data needed to troubleshoot latency problem in micro-service or SOA architectures.

  • Full Stack Monitoring

    The effective monitoring system need mapping all of the metrics with the services actually serves the user. The Ease Monitor can map service, middlewares, and infrastructure metrics together, and let engineer easy to understand the whole stack.

  • Openning & Standard

    The architecture adopts the opening and mainstream techniques, so it's very easy to integrated with the current existed customer's monitor system.

Ease Monitor Features