Ease Service star

Cloud Native Framework

Ease Service is a framework which is based on the opening and standard open-source technologies(such as Spring Cloud), and enhances the open-source software to the enterprise application level.

  • Service Governance

    Unifying & standardizing the micro-service framework, middleware, and standard, then achieve the service governance. Those components are Service Discovery, Configuration Management, Service Gateway/Proxy, Remote Procedure Call, Health Checking, API Management, etc.

  • Resiliency & Fault Tolerant

    The Resilient design is important in a distributed system, which can make system can run well while the problem happened. That design includes CircuitBreaker, RateLimiter, Retry, Fallback, Cache, Idempotent..., etc.

  • System Integration

    For distributed systems, there are a couple of types of middleware that are very important. Control systems like Service Proxy, Service Discovery, and Configuration Management..etc. Communication systems like Queue, Cache, Pub/Sub, Traffic system..., etc. All of them form a large-scale distributed system.

  • Runtime Data Monitor

    Understanding the runtime details is very important when we operate the distributed system. It's easy to collect the tracing, logging, and metrics and send to Ease Monitor for analysis.

  • Development SDK

    Provide a single development SDK to all of the developers which includes: RESTful API, service/middleware communication, exception, logging, monitoring and API management, etc. can make the development work so easy.

Ease Service Features