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Cloud Native Load Test Solution

Ease Load is a Cloud-Native performance test tool written in Go. EaseLoad aims to simulate real traffic for the whole site performance test in the production environment in an effective and safe way.

  • Traffic & Data Isolation on All Layers

    Isolate the test traffic and data storage from the production ones on all layers by leveraging the power of MegaEase Cloud-Native Platform: traffic gateway, Service Mesh, middleware, databases, and screening alerts triggered by the test traffic.

  • Declarative Test Case & Workflow

    Supports the user to define test cases and assertions in a declarative way, and define key workflows by reusing the test cases.

  • Sufficient & Composable Traffic Model

    Supports many handy traffic models such as breakthrough point, load, spike, etc. And they all can be combined to construct the new traffic models

  • Real Scenarios Simulation

    Simulating the massive number of users who visit the site in parallel with the actual scenarios.

  • Smart Bottleneck Analysis

    Quickly and intelligently identify the potential bottlenecks by leveraging the microservice monitoring service. this can be done by EaseMonitor.

Ease Load Features